Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Icecream Lab

1)  why do we add salt to the ice?
to decrease the temperature
2)   why do we add the cookies and other things, only after the milk has frozen slightly
otherwise, it will melt together with the milk while it's tending to freeze.
3)  what are two factors that affect the freezing you think?
Ice, salt
4)  why do you need a bit of air in the bag?
To help it to move forward and backward.(easier to move)

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Stone lab

7)Calculate the density of your minerals samples. How could you use the identities the densities to identify the minerals?
If the object density is the same it's the same but if the density is not the same it's not the same
8) Key concept would density or color be more useful in identifying a particular mineral? Explain your answer
Colors because it makes it's more clear to identify which one is it.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

oil spill will destroy the sea economically and often seen in the marine area due to the activity human do by boat or more and it's bad because once the water is polluted ocean creature can't resist the pollution and they will die because of the polluted water.

Nuclear power-Is the reaction of nuclear power that releases nuclear energy that releases heat that will get into the plant that we eat and it's bad for all the animal and human being because if you have a lot of the nuclear energy you will die.

Coal power- Will cause an air pollution, smoke that's bad to breathe in and also causing acid rain that will ruin the building and dangerous to touch.

Oil spills-An oil spills is the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment especially into marine area due to the activity that we did when it is released to the ocean or coastal water oil spills can have disastrous economically environmentally and more if it's in the ocean it's bad for the sea creature the water will be polluted with all the oil and in the future there will be no more ocean creature and that's bad.

Nuclear power-Nuclear reaction that releases nuclear energy and if you get lots of the nuclear energy most of the creature will die.

Coal pollution-Is an air pollution burning coal cause smoke and acid rain that will pollute the world.